Protect Your Privacy
The SECURE program.
encryption & compression
Details of the program
by the author of SECURE

The SECURE program keeps files private. All file types are supported. SECURE is a native Windows program that combines file compression with strong encryption. SECURE works on single files or groups of files. The SECURE program is NOT an email program. However, you can transmit files encrypted by the SECURE program to others as an attachment to email.
The SECURE™ program will also compress any file that is not already compressed. It will encrypt and compress text files, images, documents, programs and even entire folders at once. This allows you to keep files and folders private, and save space at the same time.   Files processed by SECURE can be transmitted privately over the internet.   SECURE™ restores the original file(s) when the correct password is used.


SECURE Program™ Copyright © 1999 Scott Wenger   All Rights Reserved.